Formula First Driverís Association
128 Barrington St.
Rochester, NY 14607

(585) 242 0185

The goal of the Formula First Driver's Association is to provide a vehicle to achieve a unified voice for the class and the various series. We as a class need to be able to speak and lobby various sanctioning bodies on the U.S. Formula First movement. The FFDA will give us an ongoing list of drivers so that we can alert everyone of technical bulletins, upcoming events, as well as asking for input on issues that affect the class.

Of particular interest to SCCA members the Association will endeavor to take on a role of intermediary between the participants in FST and the national headquarters. We believe that among the unique strengths of FST should be ability to modify rules because of varied factors such as parts shortages, price, safety and local conditions. What better way to accomplish this than a true grass roots association of participants

The FFDA is open to anyone who is a driver, a car owner, a chassis constructor a vender dealing with this form of motorsport or anyone with a serious interest in the class. If you participate in the Formula First Series you must be a member of the FFDA to score points.

If you wish to join contact Robert Guhde for more information either by e-mail above or the following phone numbers.

Robert Guhde
(585) 242 0185
(585) 747 1421 Cellular

Jim Schings

If you wish to join now send a check and the following information to the address above:

Items needed:

A check for $25 made out to FFDA (Dues cover May 1st to April 30th annually)


Your full name

Mailing Address

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Phones as desired: Home, Cell, Business

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Please note that the FFDA will keep all your data confidential