The "Committee Car"
(The first US FST)


Here is the original "Committee Car" on track in its race debut. Most everything performed as designed. Later changes were made to the oiling and cooling systems. Final changes were made to the engine specs and restrictor plate to place it into the speed and performance ranges we wanted while keeping part prices, availability and longevity good.

The car was built by Bill Bonow. Engine by SR Racing and Transaxle by LRE.

The "committee car" is still running.


Here is the car on display at the 2002 Run-Off's at Mid-Ohio.  The display got lots of attention and many visitors with questions and suggestions. Most in support. It also brought along its distracters, who saw it as a threat to Formula Vee fields. 


A banner that displayed specs for the original concept.  Those concepts remain today and very little has changed from the base rules package.