Grinding Calipers for Clearance


Street style calipers are mandated by the rules and I choose the general purpose TRW steel caliper which is a Ghia replacement and a general purpose unit. The problem is that it's too big to fit inside the 13 inch Aero wheels. Therefore they need grinding to fit. This is a real treat but it's a lot faster if you follow this procedure.

Mount one caliper on the driver's right front. Yes, the side is important because you want the sparks to go downward. Mount a wheel and observe where the caliper rubs. I applied black magic marker to the grind to identify where I should grind. You'll see where it rubs on the outer edge. Grind this edge off and apply more magic marker, and remount the wheel and test again. Just get the lug nuts finger tight so you damage nothing. Grind some more and mark and fit and keep repeating. When you have done this so that the wheel can be torqued and no rubbing occurs you now have a template. Take off the caliper and use a contour gauge to delineate where grinding is necessary. Now the easy part. Put the rest of you calipers in a vise and grind them there and you'll find duplicating the first one a simple task.

Here is our time report: First caliper 45 minutes. Each additional caliper 15 minutes each. Each additional caliper required only 2 fit up tries. The first one took about a dozen ties and I was ready for a long day.

This article is reprinted with permission and is an excerpt from the booklet “Converting A Formula Vee to a FST” Published by SRacing Race Car Supply Inc. All rights reserved.