Driver  Bios




Jason Steeb
Steve Steeb's Service Jason was our 2011 Series Champion.  While a very experienced FV pilot, no one expected the kind of success he achieved with a 20+ year old FV conversion. He and his car were fast in his first session.

Doug Seim

  Our 2010 and 2012 series champion and only a few points out of the 2011 win. He seems to lead every race at least at some point and finishes in front as often than not.

Rob Clark
SR Racing Rob is a transplant from New Zealand with FV experience "down under" and 4 years of US FST experience. A great supporter of the FST concept along with his wife Tracy who is at every event to support him. Rob is in the front group at every race.  Rob finished 4th in points in 2009, 3rd in points in 2011and 2nd in points in 2012.

Tracy's "Race Car"

The Couple

Bill Bonow
  Bill is also an experienced FV pilot. He has been racing many years in FV and the first person to drive (and build) a US Formula First. Bill was one of the members of the group that conceived of the FST notion in the US. At the end of the day you can find him on the podium.

Dave Dawson
  Dave has been around SCCA racing a long time starting as crew for his Dad in FA.  Dave is always near the podium and has been on it a couple times. Has had a few troubles keeping his nose on which doesn't help aerodynamics.  Always fast out there. Dave finished the 2011 season with a 3rd at Atlanta. 

Jared Smith

SR Racing

Jared has raced Karts, Stock Cars and FV's along with FST.  He raced a converted FST Jacer in 2009 and is now driving a Evo rental from SR Racing. Always fast and a contender at every event. 

Dave Blevins
  After retiring from the Cincinnati Fire Division, Dave got a late start in racing, starting with a vintage 1965 Beach vee in 2000. His driving school instructor liked the car so much, he traded his Mysterian for Dave's beach, and Dave was on his way. Then he found about the FST movement and was hooked. "What a great bunch of people to be associated with."

(editor's note: And they don't come much nicer than Dave.)

Sam Farmiga
  Sam is having more fun than the top podium finishers. He just started racing in 2011 and is getting better every race. Sam drives a Citation FV conversion.  

Jim Nash
Jim started his racing career driving a Lola T540 Club Ford in 1987, winning his regionís Rookie of the Year Award. From there he advanced to a Ralt RT-5 that he drove in several professional events, including the 1990 Des Moines Grand Prix through the streets of Des Moines, in the now defunct Bosch Super Vee Championship. He returned to Formula Ford after 2 years and enjoyed the successes of qualifying for the SCCA Runoffs held at Mid Ohio in 2001, winning the Formula Ford East/West Challenge Championships in 2004 and 2005, and winning the regionís Driver of the Year Award in 2004. Jim felt FST was a great concept and joined the ranks. However, he built his car from scratch! See more on the car here. 


Bob Stack
Stack Law Office Our official FFDA Series Attorney and sponsor. Two engines blown in one season and both times it was the tow vehicle on the way to the event! 

Jon Mader
  Jon,  is new to FST this year (2012).

George Podgorski
    George is an experienced racer who has raced FV since the 80's. In fact, while he was still a college student George went to the Run-Off's in Atlanta and qualified 9th and finished 10th in his first race at Atlanta. George has driven FST a couple times and he has been in the front pack each time. He is the current lap record holder at Lime Rock. He is a Mechanical Engineer and has contributed much to the original FST concept.

Arron Deer
    The most FV experienced FV driver probably in the US. He has driven at least one FV race in every year since 1964 (class conception)!  "Butch" was also one of the conceivers of the US Formula First concept. While doing several FST series races in his Evo FST, Butch is still active in Vintage Vee in a nicely prepped FormCar..

Randy Shinn

Dr. Doug Sharp
Maillette Family Chiropractic

Advantage Chiropractic

Team Sharp Advocare

TW insurance


Age: 42
Occupation: Doctor of Chiropractic/ and performance nutrition coach. Car: Jacer V2K2 Red #90.

Race Experience: 6 years Team USA Bobsled World Cup (2002 Olympics); 2 years United States Speedway Series Western States; 5 years WERA super bike 1000cc; 1 year Spec TAG Indy Kart; 2 years Spec Miata; 3 years American Iron;

Titles Won: 2002 Olympic Bronze Medal in 4-man Bobsled 19th winter games in Salt Lake City, Utah

Why: Speed "love the Hair on Fire" feeling.........started at 9 years old doing a 100mph across frozen lakes on snowmobiles

Hobbies: I really enjoy playing Hockey, as well, working out in the weight room and having over all fitness

Car History.......Started out in Kentucky went to Arizona then Wisconsin now to Michigan....As Bill Bonow has said my car was "driven hard and put away wet"


Dr. Bill Wolfe

New Mexico

Did his first Formula First Race in 2012 and managed a 3rd place,  but weighed in at a few lbs light. So no official podium, but WE know how he did.  But! in the first 2013  series weekend at the Milwaukee Mile he took a win in the 2nd race.  Looks like he is here to compete.