Photos and Videos

The FST Lineup at Nelson Ledges.  Crew and Drivers in their Hoosier shirts showing support for the tire company that foresaw our success and helped us get there.


Jason Steeb's conversion car. This was originally a Lynx/Caracal FV that was converted to an FST. This was the most successful car/driver in 2011. With a few minor mechanical growing pains, it was fast out of the box. We are talking about a 20+ year old car here !   Absolute proof that an existing FV conversion can be competitive in the FST venue.
Rob Clark in an Evolution FST purpose-built car. Rob was fast all year with many fast laps and poles, several podiums and a Grattan win, but he had an undeserved number of minor mechanical failures.  (broken throttle cable, broken gear selector, engine mount etc.) The "Evo" is produced by Cambell Motorsports and has the most chassis on the track at this time.
Jim Nash's beautifully engineered purpose built FST (MRC-09).  He has been testing and refining it all season.  It has run up front several times and will certainly be a front contender for future seasons. Jim is marketing this model now. See Mission Race Cars for more info. 
Reece Everard drives a Jacer FV-FST conversion. This model was imported from Australia. He is working the bugs out of it, but is fast in every lap. 
Sam Farmiga drives a Citation FV-FST Conversion. The Citation makes for a good FST car and Sam is getting his up to speed.


Misc. Car / Event Photos from 2014/2015

Seim hands off the Randy Shinn Traveling trophy to  Clark for the  2014 Championship.




Misc. Car / Event Photos and Videos 2012

The Nelson Ledges 2012 Season Start

Tracy (R. Clark Team Owner) giving team orders.

Robert taking orders and winning Race 2.


Watkins Glen Race #2 From Reece Everard Car.

Nelson Ledges Close Call. From R. Clark car.


Nelson Ledges Race 1, Great Split Screen Video R. Clark Car.

Grattan Race One  Video from R. Clark car. Grattan Race Two.  Video from R. Clark car.
Grattan Race One. Video from Jim Nash car. (Bill Wise Driving.)
Dave Blevins receiving his 3rd place trophy in absenteeism

No Bump Drafting Allowed


Misc. Car / Event Photos Videos 2011 and before

Jason Steeb with 4 wheels off the ground at Grattan.

The first US Formula First. (converted Lynx)  

The second US Formula First. (converted Jacer)

FST Cars at Watkin's Glen

2011 ARRC Podium

Sam Farmiga receives the Rookie of the Year
Award from Bruce Foss of Hoosier

Doug Seim receives the Series 2nd place plaque from Bruce.

Traveling FFDA Trophy presented.
(Jason Steeb winner, not present)

Lap at BIR in Jim Nash's MRC-09 Road America 2011 Race from Jason Steeb's car.

Grattan Race 2011 from Rob Clarks's car.

Waterford Hills Race 2011 from Bill Wise
ARRC Race 2010 from Rob Clark's Car. Mid-Ohio Race 2010 from Rob Clark back-up car. ARRC Race 2011 from Reece Everard's Car.

GREAT VIDEO with Naration !