Road America FST Lap

You really start the lap from Corner 14 (the last corner) instead of the start/finish line.

From Corner 14 you’re straight uphill for a good portion so you gain speed somewhat gradually until it levels out somewhat about halfway up to turn 1. Great place for drafting. You can brake much later than you initially think as corner 1 is wide and fast with a late apex. It is taken in 4th gear and at track out (corner exit), you should see 4800 or better on your tach.

After track out, slowly move toward track center. There is a short straight stretch with a very slight bend (corner 2) which is ignored from track center and will help line you up for corner 3. Much slower than 1, 3 is a 3rd gear corner and pretty wide. Again, late apex is preferable. Drift all the way to track out...trying to maintain as much momentum as possible, you are now entering the fastest straight. Shift into 4th is just after track out.

Slowly move toward the center of track crossing under the Sargento bridge. There is a slight bend in the track (corner 4) which can be treated as the straight. This straight is another great place to set up a draft pass. Move to the right as you crest the hill dropping you into corner 5. You’ll want to keep as far to the right as possible you approach corner 5, the slowest corner on the track. Downshift into 3rd gear. This is a great place to out brake and pass.

A short steep straight from corner 5 to corner 6, stay in line. 3rd gear all the way up the hill. A pass is difficult at best.

Corner 6 is still in 3rd gear. The apex is late and blind under the bridge. Brake early before the hill flattens out and the car starts to rise over the crest.

Corner 7 is a fast right hand sweeper. It is flat in an FST and you will need to shift into 4th (possibly short) just at turn in.

You’re now heading downhill towards corner 8. This is the second slowest corner at Road America, back down into 3rd gear, heavy brakes. Can be used as another passing zone.

After track out for corner 8, shift into 4th and move toward the left center of track to set up for the entrance to the Carousel (corner 9 & 10). When in the carousel stay a cars width toward the center of the track and slowly track inward until you can see the exit. It is flat all the way around.

You’re now cruising towards the infamous Road America “kink” or corner 11. The kink is a flat, 4th gear right hand corner. Apex slightly on the alligator teeth to the inside, they are very small and will not upset the car. NEVER LIFT OR BRAKE ONCE YOU ARE IN THE CORNER, THE RESULTS CAN BE VERY PAINFUL! It is very important to be smooth through the kink as it sets you up for the second fastest straight on the course.

Corner 12 is another slow, 3rd gear turn. Heavy braking going into 12 or “Canada Corner” is another great place to pass. Plan your pass well as a poorly executed pass at Canada can very well result in a re-pass as you exit the turn.

After track out, move back toward the right side of the track to set up for corner 13 or Billy Mitchell. The track is going uphill from 12 to 13. The turn in is late and flat out. Track out all the way to the grass. Stay flat and move back to the left to enter 14. Brake hard, short and late. Not a good passing zone. Momentum is key for a fast lap. Try to maintain as much speed as possible to get up the big hill on the main straight.